Phidippides Leaders and Coaches are all unpaid volunteers that give their time to help make Phidippides Track Club a success. While we don’t have a formally elected Board of Directors, our Leaders are an ad hoc group that each contribute their time for specific roles within the club. Most of the Leaders have been Phidippides members for many years and typically meet every month or so and several times in the off season to plan and coordinate for the club.

2023 Leaders

CoachesRyan Turbyfill is our Chair and a long time member of Phidippides. Steve Pye, our nationally recognized, professional multi-sport coach who was a key part of Phidippides for many years, was killed while on a training ride in June 2017.

Treasurer - Jeff Ross serves as Club Treasurer, pays the bills and is also an accomplished runner.

Membership and Community Outreach - Scott Dailey, Paul Waring, Michael Sager, and Jay Survil are responsible for Membership. Additionally, Scott and Michael handle Community Outreach. Jay will be sending out the workout emails this season. All 4 are amazing runners.

Secretary – In addition to his Membership duties, Michael Sager serves as our Secretary.

Webmaster & Graphic Artist - Ryan Jansekok is our Webmaster and Helix Abyss the creator of our Phids Logo.

New Members – All Leaders help to drive new membership and welcome new members to our group. Any Leader or club member will help new members understand workout format and pace groups so that they can quickly fit in and start getting faster.