Phids Group Photo - March 13, 2018 - First Workout of the Year! - credit Michael Sager
We made some aggressive changes to our workout approach a couple of years ago based on some of the latest research on running training. The goal of these changes is to make each speed workout more productive for all of our members, because let’s face it, the reason we are here is to get faster, right? The feedback from most members was generally very positive once everyone got used to the new format. The biggest benefit that we all saw (and it was unplanned) is that the track stays clear while people are doing their recoveries which is a much safer situation for everyone.

Workout timetable for 2023 season:

-As with last year, we will meet in the parking lot at the track for the optional warm-up at 5:20 for a easy 2 mile run into Cherry Creek State Park to the gazebo and back. If you can’t get there at that time, go ahead and run down the trail anyway and pick-up the group on the way back.

-Also as with last year, the warm-up this year will be ON YOUR OWN and can start anytime between 5:30 – 5:40 with a 1600 jog followed immediately by 3 laps of striders… for those who did the 2 mile run to the park, you can use this time for 3-4 laps of striders. The idea is to have everyone warm-up on their own prior to the start of group workout.

-Announcements will be at 5:50 and the workout will start at 5:55

-Just as with last year, there will no longer be a full 400 meter recovery interval after each repeat! We will have a cone positioned at mid-corner and the recovery interval will consist of walking from the start line to the cone then back to the start to wait for the rest of your group. Most repeats will be full lap distances – 400, 800, 1600 meters etc. however we will occasionally have 200 meter repeats as part of the workout.

-Each week there will be an alternative workout that Ryan will offer for those who need to recover from events over the previous weekend. The objective of this alternative to the main workout is solely active recovery for those who raced and will be announced each week.

-We will now have 5 groups and have redefined the our pace chart to reflect whole minutes and it’s based on member’s current race pace not lifetime PR. The workout structure will make it harder for individuals to stay with a group that doesn’t match their ability. As always, any member can move up or down to a group that best matches their ability for that given workout – you’re never locked into a specific group – but we want everyone to be honest about their abilities and be able to keep up with the group they are running with, that should help minimize stragglers and keep things safer on the track and please follow usual track etiquette of moving to the right when you hear “track” called out from faster runners approaching from behind.

-There may be only be one hill workout in the first month – it’s been proven that hill training is an effective way of building aerobic power and strength. It will consist of quarter mile repeats up the east side of Butterfly Hill like we did last year – great for strengthening hamstrings, calves, glutes, hip flexors and achilles tendons and hill running uses more upper-body muscles than flat running.

Scheduled Workouts for 2023:

All paid members will be added to the club roster. Email blasts will go out to the club roster every Friday with the following Tuesday’s scheduled workout details so members can plan ahead. The Phidippides group on Facebook will have an event for the workout but the details of the workout – repeat distance, interval time, etc. – will be covered in the email blast to all paid members.