Pace Groups

Big time CONGRATULATIONS to our awesome female Phids relay team - Baby Got Track - that scored 2nd Place podium at Colfax 2019! Woohoo! There were 1,231 relay entries competing this year!
We have members running at your speed in a group at the pace below. Not sure what your pace is? We'll help you find the right group and provide some tips and training schedules that will have you improving your pace in no time.

Using your 5K race pace or finish time, you should fall into one of the following 5 groups.

5K Distance Race Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
Average Pace (min/mile) SUB 6:00 SUB 7:00 SUB 8:00 SUB 9:00 Greater than 9:00
Finish Time (mm:ss) SUB 18:36 SUB 21:42 SUB 24:48 SUB 27:54 Greater than 27:54